"...a continuous search for the parameters of colour that drives Sophie to explore the possibilities within her artistic creativity in such an extravagant and explosive way."
quote from James Ulph, from exhibition catalogue "I Drempt in the City", The Mall Galleries, London.

Exhibiting throughout the UK and selling to an International market, Sophie works from her studio in Brighton. Her prolific exploration of the British seaside, through the layering of vivid flourescent colours and energetic mark-making continues to be a vital source of inspiration. Sophies paintings are a response to a place in time and explore the dual aspect of the natural and the man made. Her colours, often to optical effect, focus on the interplay of space versus intense areas of solid forms, mark making and motifs. The abstract nature of Sophie’s paintings allow the viewer to escape within the image. She is fascinated by the landscape that surrounds her and strives to capture the essence of this in her playful and atmospheric paintings.